Lie-Nielsen Beveled Edge Chisel

Lie-Nielsen Beveled Edge Chisel Bevelled edge chisel are used for chopping and paring and are especially good at getting into tight angles such as dovetails. Lie-Nielson produce a chisel which has a socket handle which make it easy to change handles and enable the handle to be offset making paring much easier. Continue reading

How Wood Veneer Is Made.

This Video on the manufacture of Wood veneer and plywood is excellent. It takes you through the process of preparation and gives a good account of the different methods of cutting wood veneer. Continue reading


The Smarthinge was developed, after many years of searching for a satisfactory hinge, by fine box maker Andrew Crawford and engineer Clive Jarman, . The Smarthinge is easily fitted and its elegant looks compliment fine woodwork. Continue reading

How to Sharpen a Marking Knife.

Continue reading

How to Sharpen and Use Mortice Chisels

Mortice chisels are different to other woodworking chisels in that the sides need to be ground to form them into a sharp cutting edge. As the chisel is driven into the wood the bevel pushes the chisel forward cutting the sides of the mortice. Continue reading

How To Use A Coping Saw

Cutting with a coping saw is simple. You need the correct grip and stance. The cut is made with a pulling stroke and the blade turns within its own kerf to make a curved cut. Continue reading

Furniture Today

Jeremy Broun’s two videos are a trailer for his DVD of the same name. In the first he looks at the history of furniture design since the Arts and Crafts movement and in the second video he showcases the work of over twenty designers and makers of the past few decades. Continue reading

Saw Sharpening (Part 3)

The saw blade is removed from the vice and a sharpening stone is used to very lightly rub down each side of the blade to take off any high spots and even out the set. Test the sharpness and set by sawing in a slighty upward stroke away from yourself, using your thumb nail as a guide Continue reading

Saw Sharpening (Part 2)

The teeth are sharpened using a triangular file. The action and angles used are identical for each tooth. The teeth are reset using a special tool. After setting the teeth a file or stone is run alng the blade to ensure the teeth are even. Continue reading

Saw Sharpening (Part 1)

When sharpening a saw blade there are three angles on each tooth that need to be considered, rake, fleam and slope. The angles vary depending on the purpose of the saw and the timber being cut. Continue reading