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Saw Sharpening (Part 3)

The saw blade is removed from the vice and a sharpening stone is used to very lightly rub down each side of the blade to take off any high spots and even out the set. Test the sharpness and set by sawing in a slighty upward stroke away from yourself, using your thumb nail as a guide


Saw Sharpening (Part 2)

The teeth are sharpened using a triangular file. The action and angles used are identical for each tooth. The teeth are reset using a special tool. After setting the teeth a file or stone is run alng the blade to ensure the teeth are even.


Saw Sharpening (Part 1)

When sharpening a saw blade there are three angles on each tooth that need to be considered, rake, fleam and slope. The angles vary depending on the purpose of the saw and the timber being cut.


Use of a Try Square

A try square is the most commonly hand tool in the woodwork shop. It is used to mark lines at right angles to a face or edge. It is also used to ensure one surface is at right angles to another.


Google Sketchup – 3d modeling software from Google

CAD or computer aided design is a great way to draw your own woodworking plans. using CAD software requires a period of learning but once learnt is very versatile. You can try numerous options in your design and view them in 3d, easily changing them until you are satisfied. Google Sketchup is a free 3d modeling software from Google.