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Andy of Woodworking Ideas Store

My name is Andy. I have spent a great deal of my life in woodworking, forestry and the timber industry.  I studied woodworking for three years at High school and then worked in forestry for 25 years, specialising in forest products but also working in forest research and in timber mills and workshops. 

I have been lucky enough to travel widely and have studied and worked in Grenada, Turkey, Wales, Scotland,  Austria, Tanzania, Canada and, of course England where I currently live and work..

The innovative workshop at Hooke ParkI graduated in Forestry from Bangor University, North Wales and then gained a Master’s degree in Forest Product Technology (Design and Manufacture) at Hooke Park in Dorset, England. 

The thinking behind Hooke park was to utilize the small diameter timber arising from thinnings.  This is a philosophy I had before going to Hooke Park and have embraced in my forestry and woodworking since. 

I have also studied carpentry and worked in the building trades