Board Feet

A board foot is a unit of measurement for timber especially in North America. It is a very convenient form of measurement as it is applicable to small peices of wood and it is easy to visualise. When you have drawn your project plans and made a cutting list, knowing the quantity of board feet will be essential if you have to estmate the cost of a woodwork project.  It is also very important to know how many board feet you need to but for your project.  If you don’t buy enough and have to buy more half way through the project ther may be a very different colour variation

In this video George Vondriska of the WoodWorkers Guild of America. Provides some good tips and visual examples of how to calculate board feet.


A perfect board foot is a peice of wood that measures 12 inches long (L) by 12 inches wide (W) by 1 inch thick (T)

 or                12″L X 12″W X 1″T = 1 board ft
but also     24″L  X  6″W  X  1″T
and            12″L  X  6″W  X  2″T

The formulae is        L X W X T divide by 144

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