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Furniture Today

Jeremy Broun’s two videos are a trailer for his DVD of the same name. In the first he looks at the history of furniture design since the Arts and Crafts movement and in the second video he showcases the work of over twenty designers and makers of the past few decades.


Google Sketchup – 3d modeling software from Google

CAD or computer aided design is a great way to draw your own woodworking plans. using CAD software requires a period of learning but once learnt is very versatile. You can try numerous options in your design and view them in 3d, easily changing them until you are satisfied. Google Sketchup is a free 3d modeling software from Google.


Woodworking Ideas From The Internet

Searching in Google Images is a great place for looking for woodworking ideas. You may even find downloadable plans. This video explains the process in greater detail.