Checking The Square

This is an easy way to check if your woodworking project is square or not.

  1. Make sure each side of the square or rectangle is the exact same length as the one opposite.
  2. With a tape measure measure across the diagonal and then across the other.
  3. When the two diagonals are equal measurement the object is square.

When dealing with very large objects you may find the next video useful. Steve Maskery demonstrates an ingenious gadget that ensures your large woodwork project is square.

  1. It consists of a length of wood pointed at both ends.
  2. Attached to the center is a shorter arm, also with a pointed end.
  3. The shorter arm pivots in the middle and is the exact length of the longer arm in both directions.

To use the gadget the point on the short arm is placed in the corner of object being measured and if it is square all three points touch the frame.

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