Furniture Today

A major source of woodworking Ideas is to study the work of previous designers.  Through getting to know their thought processes, imitating their designs and studying their projects you can develop your own style and ideas.

These videos are a trailer of the DVD “Furniture Today” by Jeremy Broun, the video descibes “The underground revolution in craftsmanship and design over the past 30 years or so, in Britain.”

Alan Peters states In an interview in 1991 that  “More craftsmen now than any other century that can reproduce anything equally as well as the 18th century but actually a lot of modern furniture makers produce work that is superior.”

Jeremy describes how the German Bauhaus philosphy of “Form follows function” has had the most influence on our lives and this had its roots in the British Arts and Crafts movement led by William Morris.

A summary of the various phases in UK design are as follows:-

  • Arts and Crafts        1850 – 1900
  • Art Nouveau        1890 – 1905
  • De Stijl        1917 – 1928
  • Bauhaus        1919 – 1933
  • Scandanavian Moderna         1935 – 1975
  • USA New Technology        1935 – 1955
  • Italian Flair        1940 – 1985
  • Conran         mid 1970’s
  • British craft revival         Late 1970’s – 80’s
  • IKEA         1990’s
  • Furniture today        1990’s – early 2000

The Arts ans Crafts movement was a reaction against early industrialization, where workers were being robbed of their pride.  Alan Peters served a seven year apprenticeship with Edward Barnsley and so had a direct link to the Arts and Crafts movement.

The second video mainly gives brief examples of various furniture designers/makers at exhibitions in the 1970’s through to the 1990’s. These are too numerous to mention but I was pleased to see it included Bob Slade and his work with The Forest of Avon Co-operative

Copies of this DVD are available at Jeremy Broun’s website Woodomain


Informative videos as details are live towards eye.