Google Sketchup – 3d modeling software from Google

If you curious about learning to draw plans on the computer Google Sketchup seems like a good place to start.  The thing I like about computer aided design is it is much easier to try different ideas and the alter them again afterwards.

Aidan from Google introduces their free 3d modeling software. He demonstrates how he designs and draws a dvd storage unit that doubles as a coffee table.

  • First he measures one of his dvds;
  • He then calculates the quantity of dvds requiring storage;
  • From these measuremnts he is able to design a box to fit the dvds;
  • Using a ruler he calculates the height off the ground it has to be;
  • He then extends the box to the required height;
  • Adds wheels;
  • Adds a glass top;
  • Then he has the final drawing which he turns into the finished project.

This video makes it look very simple and I’m sure it will take a little time to learn but there are some good video tutorials.