Use of a Try Square

A try square is the most commonly hand tool in the woodwork shop. It is used to mark lines at right angles to a face or edge. It is also used to ensure one surface is at right angles to another. Continue reading

Google Sketchup – 3d modeling software from Google

CAD or computer aided design is a great way to draw your own woodworking plans. using CAD software requires a period of learning but once learnt is very versatile. You can try numerous options in your design and view them in 3d, easily changing them until you are satisfied. Google Sketchup is a free 3d modeling software from Google. Continue reading

Methods of Joining Wood

One of the simplest woodworking joints is the butt joint. To join two peices of wood at 90 degrees they can be simply butted together or for a neater joint the corners can be mitred. The surfaces to be joined are then glued and cramped together. The same method is used to make wide boards for table tops by joining smaller boards edge to edge. Continue reading

Board Feet

A board foot is a unit of measurement for timber especially in North America. It is a very convenient form of measurement as it is applicable to small peices of wood and it is easy to visualise. When you have drawn your project plans and made a cutting list, knowing the quantity of board feet will be essential if you have to estmate the cost of a woodwork project.  Continue reading

Marking Gauge

The marking guage consists of four parts; the stem, the stock, the spur and the thumb screw. The distance you want marked on your timber is measured from the stock to the point of the spur using a ruler. The stock is the placed against the peice of wood and the spur is lighty pushed into the wood and pulled along the edge leaving a neat line paralell to the edge. Continue reading

Lie-Nielsen Mortise Chisels

Mortice chisels are designed for the tough job they are required to do and so are much thicker than ordinary chisels Continue reading

Woodworking Ideas From The Internet

Searching in Google Images is a great place for looking for woodworking ideas. You may even find downloadable plans. This video explains the process in greater detail. Continue reading

How lumber is “made”

This great video compares two sawmills. one more traditional mill using circular saws and a more modern one using a double edged band mill. Continue reading

Timber Thickness

Buying timber can be very exasperating. If you buy rough sawn timber you usually get what you pay for sometimes a little more. If the timber is surfaced it can 20% smaller than advertised. If it is finished on all four sides it is usually exact but there is no allowance for any changes that might happen when changing to a different environment. Continue reading

Checking The Square

Checking your woodworking project is Square. How to use a tape measure to ensure a rectangle is sqaure. A clever woodworking idea to check large objects are square. Continue reading