Saw Sharpening (Part 2)

The second video covers the technique for filing the teeth and setting the teeth of a cross-cut saw blade once it has been sharpened with a file.

1. Keep a rag nearby to clean any shavings from the file, and use beeswax repeatedly to keep the file working nicely against the blade.

2. Try to keep the stroke of the file identical every time. At the end of the blade, be sure to file lightly.  A paintbrush works well for dusting off any filings from the blade.

– If the slope used during filing is steep enough, there will be additional room at the bottom of the gullet to clear debris when sawing.

3. After sharpening a cross-cut blade, set the teeth. This refers to forcing the teeth to incline outward somewhat using a saw setting tool.

– The saw setting tool works by gripping the teeth of a blade between a hammer and an
anvil to lean the teeth alternately outward in either direction.

After setting the teeth on either side of the blade, wipe a diamond stone or file along both sides. This will remove a fraction of that set and make sure the teeth are even all along the blade, ensuring a smoother cut.