The Benefits of the SmartHinge

Today I received a small jiffy-bag in the post.  Inside was a was a small red box, like a jewelery box containing my first SmartHinges.

The SmartHinge is an innovative hinge designed by professional box maker, Andrew Crawford and precision engineer Clive Jarman.  After many years  of looking for the perfect hinge  and a chance meeting with Clive in Australia the Smart hinge was developed.  The benefits of these hinges is as follows:-

  • Not L-shaped and has round-ended leaves so can be fitted with a single pass of a cutter.
  • They do not have a quadrant stay so there is no excavation under the hinge required.
  • The hinge has an innovative internal stop but maintains its elegant round knuckle.
  • Beautifully made and finished in solid brass.
  • Very easy to fit.

Fitting the hinges

  • An 8mm or 5/16th inch cutter (downcut spiral gives the cleanest cut) is required, fitted in a table mounted router.
  • The height of the cutter is set at half the height of the hinge.
  • The fence is set so the cuts are in the exact centre of the side rails.
  • A stop is set 34mm from the cutter.  Andrew combines dust extraction with the stop and this prevents a build up of dust putting the measurements out.
  • Two cuts are made,one in the lid and one in the base, then the stop is reversed to make the cuts on the other side.
  • The hinges are then drilled and screwed in place.

In the future Andrew and David are planning a lacquered version that will keep its shine rather than developing a pleasing dull lustre over time.  There are also gold and silver plated versions and a matching lock in the “pipeline”.

The smart hinge very expensive but It is elegantly designed and beautifully made and quite rightly arrives like a piece of jewelery.  I had a little difficulty fitting them but this was put right when I went out and bought the right sized bit for the pilot holes and the correct size screwdriver.  There’s nothing like having the correct tools.  The hinges are for “fine” woodwork and without doubt add the look and feel of quality of any woodworking project.  This and the ease of fitting make them very good value .

For more information on SmartHinges go to Andrew Crawford’s website:-

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