Sustainable Wood

My personal thoughts are if you’re going to take up woodwork or carpentry don’t mess up the planet for everyone else just so you can have a nice bookcase or whatever you decide to build by using unsustainable timber.

The video highlights some of the reasons why sustainable forest management is important.

  • Trees are a powerful tool for fighting climate change;
  • trees absorb greenhouse gasses;
  • trees produce oxygen;

It’s very tempting to buy cheap timber but very often someone else is paying the price for your purchase.  Margrete Strand from the Sierra Club states that in some countries 60% of timber is illegally harvested.   To ensure you are not buying illegally harvested timber and contributing to deforestation and climate change buy FSC certified timber

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was set up to provide a forum where an agreement on sustainability could discussed and implemented.  Forests which meet the agreed sustainability criteria are able to brand their products with the FSC logo.  These products are tracked from the forest to the customer by a “Chain of custody” (COC) to ensure that any non-certified wood is not mixed in with it on its way to the market.

By choosing sustainable wood you can have a  important influence on many aspects of the environment.