Basic Timber Selection

Don Zeman from Home Front outlines the basics when choosing which timber to buy for your woodworking project.

First is your project outdoors or indoors?

  • If its outdoors you’ll probably want treated timber.
  • If it’s indoors kiln dried, untreated would be a better choice.

The point is made about buying sustainable timber.  I think this is very important and cover this  in greater detail in another video.

Obviously you will need to know the Length, width and thickness you require.  The timber in the video has been graded and is stamped with the grade.

Grade 1 = Clear timber with no knots, no splits, no imperfections.

Grade 2 = May have some knots or some imperfections but still structurally sound.

KD = Kiln dried,  a must for use in a heated environment such as in a house.

HT = Heat treated

SYP = Southern Yellow Pine.