Woodworking Books

This page will have reviews of the best woodworking books.

The Technique of Furniture Making

Ernest Joyce (revised by Alan Peters)

This book was First published in 1970  and is still sought after by amateur and professional woodworkers.  It has been revised to take account of changes, including the use of power tools, adhesives and computer-controlled machinery. There are three sections:-

  • materials, tools and techniques;
  • advanced construction techniques and metal fittings;
  • running a workshop, draughtsmanship, furniture designs and restoration.

The late Ernest Joyce ran his own workshop and  was a part-time Head of Furniture at one of the leading Colleges of Art until his retirement in 1969. Alan Peters took a 7-year apprenticeship to Edward Barnsley.  He established his first workshop in 1962, and moved down to Devon in 1973. He has won numerous awards and honours.  Alan Peters passed away in 2009.

For many people this was their college textbook as it  covers every aspect of making furniture and it continues to be a reference in their careeers.  Although it is starting to show its age it continues to be a “Bible” to many woodworkers and furniture makers.